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It was an unforgettable trip. Everything was perfect, the lodges, the safaris and the people. We really loved this journey and we'll keep a beautiful memory of our honeymoon.

(Emma and Eric on honeymoon, July 09)

SATSA - Southern Africa Tourism Services Association
Alexa Safaris – Southern African Tour Designers
An African journey is one of adventure, excitement, intrigue, scenic marvels, spectacular wildlife, cultural experiences, and coastal pleasures. African possibilities are endless and African wonders are infinite. Choose Africa as your destination and we are here to assist you design and fine-tune your travels. Collaborate with us to create an exclusive itinerary based on your personal interests and specific requirements.

Innovative safari specialists drawing from 25 years of hands-on experience, Alexa Safaris prides itself on placing travellers at the heart of Southern Africa at its best. Highly regarded in the travel industry, we pull out all the stops to ensure unforgettable experiences. Our aim is to provide trips of a lifetime and we recognise that this is only possible by working closely with our guests.

Successful travel is designed to suit specific dates and a specific budget. Provide us with these parameters and we’ll set the creative process into motion. Whether you’re interested in five-star accommodation in spectacular lodges or comfortable camping in the quiet seclusion of the bush, Alexa Safaris have the resources to deliver and the experience to do so with flare. We also cater for wilderness weddings and honeymoons and invite the challenges of meeting specialist interests.

Alexa Safaris provide hassle-free travel from start to finish. Every aspect of your journey is confirmed and re-confirmed to ensure the effortless continuity of your African experience. Regional flights, charters, and transfers are made in advance and specific needs are handled without fuss. Moreover, we are available throughout your journey and provide a safety net of assistance.

We love this continent. Let us help you discover a passion for Africa of your own.

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