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We are so very grateful to you for the wonderful care you took of us. It truly was a never-to-be-forgotten holiday!

Libby Puckett (USA)


Mozambique has overcome a brutal civil war and devastating floods and emerged as a dynamic, yet-to-be-discovered travel destination. With a tropical climate, Mozambique is a country of sunny blue skies and clear seas teeming with marine life. While the savannah plateau of central Mozambique and the highlands of the north are compelling, the country is predominantly a beach holiday destination. It’s a great place to wind down at the end of a southern African safari.

MAPUTO: Mozambique is a strip of land that sweeps across the coastal flank of southeast Africa. It boasts long sandy beaches dotted with palm trees and waters scattered with the sails of traditional dugout fishing boats. The capital, Maputo, is located on the coast in the south. Easily accessible from South Africa, the city offers striking examples of colonial architecture and is renowned for its mouth-watering LM prawns.

INHAMBANE: Mozambique has 10 provinces, seven of which border the warm Indian Ocean. Of these seven provinces, Inhambane is the most highly regarded among divers. In addition to being a destination to escape to, the province is home to a vibrant city. Founded by the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama in 1534, Inhambane City is a motley combination of African markets, cathedrals, and colonial Portuguese architecture.

BARRA REEF: From quiet walks on secluded beaches to whale-watching excursions, drifting around in traditional dhow boats to big game fishing, Barra Reef offers a myriad of activities. Lodges in the area are affordable, offer snorkelling, and have scuba-diving facilities. The temperature allows for swimming throughout the year, the water is safe, and the reefs are within close proximity.

Barra’s marine life is unsurpassed and its reefs are home to a dazzling myriad of fish and coral life. Humpback whales, whale sharks, and manta rays can be spotted off shore with the elusive dugongs making rare appearances between June and October. The beaches are peppered with crustaceans and the salt-water estuaries attract flamingos. Barra’s sunsets are a spectacle of celestial proportions.

BAZARUTO ARCHIPELAGO: A string of islands off the coast of central Mozambique, the Bazaruto Archipelago is the stuff of fantasy. The islands suit those seeking seclusion, are especially good for romantic retreats, and offer excellent diving and fishing. White, sandy beaches are sprinkled with pansy shells and days follow the tranquil rhythm of the fishermen. The islands are accessible from the town of Vilanculos, which features an international airport amidst groves of coconut palms and cashew nut trees.

MOZAMBIQUE ISLAND: A World Heritage Site, Mozambique Island is seeped in a colonial history that dates back more than 500 years. With narrow streets, bustling harbours, and vibrant markets, the island is comparable to Zanzibar and boasts the oldest European building still standing in the southern hemisphere. The island is connected to the mainland by a long, narrow bridge and is accessible from the town of Nacala.

CABO DELGADO: The most northern of Mozambique’s provinces, Cabo Delgado has emerged as a prime travel destination. The region’s focal point is Pemba, a port town located in Pemba Bay that offers good hotels and great restaurants. Renowned for its colonial architecture, the town has an arts and crafts market that showcases traditional silverware. Water sports and diving enthusiasts get here on the weekly flight from Johannesburg.

QUIRIMBAS ARCHIPELAGO: 32 coral islands scattered from Pemba to the Tanzanian border, the Quirimbas Archipelago is an unexplored traveller’s paradise. 11 of the islands as well as a swathe of mainland forest comprise the Quirimbas National Park. Quilálea is among the most compelling of the islands. A private marine sanctuary, the pristine island’s only human inhabitants are a handful of lodge guests and staff. A secret tropical retreat, Quilálea is a great place to come and rest. The Swahili word for sleep, after all, was derived from the island’s name!

Mozambique has earned a reputation as a unique and spectacular coastal destination. Make this country part of a complete African experience!

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