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I was captivated by the incredible diversity and heart-stopping beauty of your country.

It was only surpassed by the warmth and generosity of spirit of everyone we met. It didn't take long to capture our hearts. Three weeks went by far too quickly!

Tucky Harrison (travelling
with a group of friends)

Botswana embodies the essence and spirit of SAFARI and arouses images of close encounters with the BIG FIVE.

The OKAVANGO is an idyllic exposition of lazy lagoons, palm-filled islands and dense forests – a wonderland that has long been one of Botswana’s richest attractions. Excellent game viewing and bird watching opportunities are supported by a variety of luxury lodges that makes this the ultimate safari destination.

The MOREMI GAME RESERVE, which lies within the Okavango’s eastern boundary, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and varied reserves on the African continent and boasts huge concentrations of wildlife.

The expanse of land that comprises CENTRAL AND SOUTHERN OKAVANGO stretches from the permanent wetlands of the north, characterized by wide river channels and broad lagoons, to the dry woodlands of CHIEF’S ISLAND, where huge herds of game populate grassy floodplains.

North of the delta, the Okavango flows between two parallel faults creating a shallow valley called the OKAVANGO PANHANDLE. The village SHAKAWE marks one of the best game fishing spots in southern Africa. The wide, deep, and fast flowing water is ideal for catching tiger fish and bream. Bird watching opportunities are also excellent.

Taking its name from the Chobe River, the CHOBE NATIONAL PARK teems with an astonishing variety of wildlife. The park comprises four areas that offer different landscapes and distinct wildlife experiences:

  • The CHOBE RIVER FRONTAGE plays host to huge herds of elephants and buffalo as well as sizeable prides of lion. Kudu, sable, roan, letchwe, impala and over 440 species of birds can also be seen.
  • Grassy woodlands dotted with pans, NOGATSAA and TCHINGA lie south of the Chobe River frontage. The fact that the pans in these regions hold water for months after the rainy season make them interesting alternative game viewing areas in Botswana.
  • LINYANTI is situated in a forgotten corner of the Chobe National Park and is a secluded paradise. The Linyanti Swamp covers an area of over 900 square kilometers and boasts plentiful wildlife, especially during Botswana’s dry winter months.
  • SAVUTI lies in the southwestern corner of the Chobe National Park and is recognized as a prime game viewing area.

In addition to the Okavango, Botswana plays host to another remarkable ecological wonder. The KALAHARI, encompassing 80% of the country, is as an area covered by wind-blown desert sand. The Kgalagadi, as it is known in Setswana, is the largest expanse of its kind in the world and is home to four of Botswana’s major game reserves. These parks play a vital role in protecting the country’s plant and animal life:

  • The KGALAGADI TRANSFRONTIER PARK became one of the largest parks in the world when Botswana and South Africa merged their adjacent parks into a single ecological unit.
  • The smaller adjoining park of MABUASEHUBE is peppered with pans and offers solitude and silence in addition to remarkable wildlife.
  • The vast CENTRAL KALAHARI GAME RESERVE, with DECEPTION VALLEY in the north, receives worthy attention from visitors.
  • KHUTSE GAME RESERVE, which adjoins its southern boundary, has equally compelling landscapes and wildlife populations.

The MAKGADIKGADI PAN, once a massive super-lake stretching over 60 000 square kilometers of what are now dry, salt-crusted pans, is brought to life in the summer. The rain sees thousands of water birds flocking to the pan’s shallow pools. Hundreds of pelicans and flamingos jostle at the water’s edge.

Major pans that are also worthy of mention include Ntwetwe, Sowa and Nxai. Once part of the lake complex, NXAI PAN now offers a distinct experience in the form of broad sweeps of short sweet grass that attracts large herds of springbok and impala followed by predators’ watchful eyes.

Botswana has so much to offer, so much to see, and there is so much to learn. This is a traveler’s dream destination!

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