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"I am so refreshed by our wonderful holiday - and we are so very grateful to you for the wonderful care you took of us and the places and people you arranged.

MalaMala, Highlands and Le Quartier Francais were each so special in their own way - it truly was a never-to-be forgotten holiday!"

Libby Puckett - USA - November, 2005

SATSA - Southern Africa Tourism Services Association
  About Alexa
I was born on a farm in Africa – this set the stage for my lifelong absorption in the land and everything on it. The area where we lived was flat and featureless but not without beauty. The Western Transvaal, as it was known then, was punctuated with rocky outcrops and rugged acacia trees. The life-supporting band that flowed through it was the Vaal River. Willow trees smothered its banks – the tips of their branches hanging just clear of the Vaal’s swollen waters.

I was one of four girls and my father selected me to accompany him on farm duties. He was a man who rose early and went to bed at sunset, and I had little choice but to fall into his rhythm. For many years we set off early to fix a fence or tend to a sick animal. We watched over the land and ministered to an endless succession of projects. My father was a practical man, a self-taught engineer, and he devised innovative ways to bring water to the land and feed his crops and cattle.

During our excursions I began to recognise the signs of the wild as well as understand them. I was taught to notice the constant changes that take place in the environment and became aware of nature’s patterns. What’s more, I could appreciate why these changes occurred. Unwittingly, the legacy that my father passed to me was his love of the land. While boarding school disrupted our partnership, my father provided me with a grounding that I will never forget.

Years later I went on safari to Botswana with a man by the name of Izak Barnard and instantly recognized his similarity to my father. He had the same unassuming strength of character and was equally dedicated to things practical. He devised creative repair jobs for his safari vehicles and invented novel improvements for them. Moreover, like my father, his knowledge of the bush was immense. I travelled with him for short stretches over a period of ten years, this time learning the beauty of the land that is Botswana, Namibia with its haunting landscapes, and Zambia, mother of the most amazing river on our continent.

My love of the land led me into the safari business over twenty-five years ago and blossomed when I established my own company specialising in Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique and South Africa. We design and arrange journeys to these remarkable destinations and take pride in providing our guests with amazing experiences.

We are passionate about sharing the things we love about Southern Africa: beautiful people, fascinating animal and plant life, dramatic rivers and mountains, haunting deserts and spectacular coastal regions.

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